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You are now scheduled for your 1 on 1 Coach Call. Excellent!

Step One: Attend your 1 on 1 Coach Prep Call

 Step Two: Dr. Ferro’s Live Zoom Call (Weekly, Tuesdays @ 9:00 PM EST)

  • On this call, you will learn even more about the science and art behind the Betr protocol. Live Q&A with Dr. Ferro. You can sign up for that call here.
Step Three: Group Meal Planning Call
  • You can sign up for this call here! -When you schedule this call you are setting your start date, you are assigned your coach, and sent an invitation to attend Dr. Ferro's Tuesday night call! -Join our head coaches to learn meal-planning strategies!

If you are unable to attend the meal planning call, you can watch a recorded version of it here.

Step Four: Relax, you've got this!
  • Pour yourself a coffee, tea, or water and sit back and relax while you read all about how the Betr method will work even when nothing else seems to.

Now....let's get into the good STUFF. 

The Betr Method is the world’s first gut health, food as medicine movement using the science that everyone’s talking about, but few people know how to add it into their daily lives. 

It was created by Dr. William Ferro (we love him) and is based on nourishing the body with a range of whole, delicious foods to heal and restore gut health. 

Within 3-4 days, Betr Health clients see immediate improvements in energy, sleep, mood, and weight.

  • Give us 3 good days to make a change in how you feel.

The Betr Method is CDC-approved, trusted by over 40 health insurance plans, and 100% guaranteed.

What is the Betr Method?

The Betr Method is an easy-to-follow, three-level protocol that relies on fueling the body with a variety of whole, delicious foods. 

Through nourishment instead of deprivation, people are able to heal their gut microbiome (or gut, for short) while also finding hidden food sensitivities.

The basis of the method is that food can be medicine.

By controlling the power of an individual’s unique gut, The Betr Method is proven to help people lose weight and reverse chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, and obesity.


The Betr Health Method is a three-level food protocol designed to restore gut health. It’s a proven method to reverse chronic conditions and help people lose weight and keep it off.

Gut Health

A healthy gut is one that is in balance.

Most people suffer from imbalances in the gut- meaning there’s not enough good bacteria, too many bad bacteria, or a lack of diversity. 

Signs of Poor Gut Health Stubborn Belly Fat, Cravings, Bloating, Digestive Issues, Constipation, Anxiety, Pain, Headaches, Sleep Issues, High Blood Pressure, PCOS, Skin conditions, Painful Menopause, and Abnormal Blood Values 

What Hurts Gut Health 

  • Toxins
  • Antibiotics
  • Low carb, high fat, high protein diets
  • Unnatural sweeteners
  • Stress


The reality of everyday modern life and a modern society has exposed us to things which negatively impact gut health.

What Helps Gut Health?

  • Meditation
  • Fermented foods
  • Prebiotics
  • Hydration
  • Variety in diet


The choices we make every day from food to activities can have a positive impact on gut health.

Food Sensitivities and Trigger Foods

Everyone’s gut is as unique as their DNA. This is why even seemingly healthy foods can cause negative effects on the body for certain individuals.

Some of the reactions, though less obvious, can result in wide-ranging health issues. These reactions are known as “food sensitivities."

If food is eaten in small amounts or eaten rarely, you may not experience any noticeable effects from these reactions. However, if these foods are eaten regularly, these tiny inflammatory reactions and the chemicals they produce can build up and cause chronic effects in other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, there are no medications for these reactions. The most effective treatment is to identify the trigger food that may be causing symptoms.


Food sensitivities have far reaching health effects but are hard to recognize. The best treatment is to identify trigger foods.

Guidelines for The Betr Method

Because each person’s gut is different, The Betr Method is tailored to each person and divided into three distinct levels.

Level 1: Purification 

Level 1 is recommended for 3 weeks to improve the diversity and strength of your GI tract by introducing more healthy bacteria while removing the unhealthy ones. 

This Level is the most structured and includes temporarily removing alcohol, processed foods, and other items known to create inflammation in a majority of the population.

A custom blend of gut-healthy food recommendations will start rebuilding your unique microbiome within 24 hours. In just 1 day, you will start to see your scale move in the right direction.

After 3-7 days, you will start to notice better sleep, more energy, and less cravings.

At the end of Level 1:

  • Your body will be in a clean and non-inflammatory state
  • You will see excess fat and toxins released
  • Improved sleep will replenish hormones

Level 2: Reintroduction

Level 2 is the next step in the healing process after the full-body reset of Level 1.

After completing Level 1 your gut is healed, so food sensitivities are usually detected within 30 minutes after eating the food.

The Level 2 reintroduction cycle is designed to help you find what food is the best fuel for your body. Without resetting your metabolism you run the risk of falling into the all too familiar yo-yo dieting pattern. You'll spend your 4th and last week with your coach trying out this introduction phase together. 

During this process, you will:

  • Strengthen your new habits

  • Identify trigger foods that you may not have been aware of

Level 3: Maintenance 

Level 3 is all about practicing the 80/20 rule. For 80% of your week, you should aim for clean and healthy eating. 

When it comes to eating 20% of the foods you enjoy off-plan – they most likely include having some sugar, processed foods, alcohol, or dining out.

You will undoubtedly feel the difference in how your body responds to these foods, so a weekly refresh with Level 1 is highly recommended.


The Betr Method is divided into three levels. Level 1 heals and resets the gut and delivers results in as little as 3 days. Level 2 locks in a new metabolism set point that the body can easily maintain while also identifying trigger foods. Level 3 strengthens healthy eating choices to fuel the body and maintain gut health.

Using The Betr Method

The keys to successful and long-term change come from finding out which foods and food combinations support an individual’s unique gut chemistry.

That’s why the best way to experience The Betr Method is to work with an expert group of coaches, registered dieticians, fellow clients, and our founder, Dr. William Ferro.

The course includes education and nutrition. This helps you become your own best health coach and even help coach others.

The basis of the personally guided course approach is that knowledge is just knowledge until it is put into action. Knowledge turns into action through the following pillars:

Accountability: Individuals are paired with a remote personal coach who has been trained in The Betr Method. 

Gut Experts: The Betr Health Method has been successfully serving over 30,000 members for the past 10 years. Because of this, Betr has logged one of the largest databases of food science, trigger foods, and gut-healthy foods for a majority of the population.

Habit Forming: Betr clients have developed better habits and choices which they can use for the rest of their lives.

Community: In addition to a remote personal coach, the Betr community helps people achieve sustainable lifestyle changes with an added layer of accountability and inspiration.


The best way to implement The Betr Method is through a personally guided course approach with a focus on an individual’s unique gut. A personally guided course approach ends the confusion around most programs and diets to help individuals reach their goals much faster. This approach includes a coach, expert info, healthy habits and community.

Effects and Benefits

Converting Fat to Energy: 

New evidence shows that gut bacteria change the way we store fat and how we respond to hormones that make us feel hungry or full.

The Betr Method helps balance the gut by using food as medicine. Betr clients experience:

  • 68% reach 5% weight loss within 18 days
  • Average weight loss of 9.69% of body weight 

Preventing or Reversing Diabetes:

One of the primary risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes is obesity. Negative changes in digestive health may be leading to both obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans.

The Betr Health Method is also CDC-approved for the prevention and reversal of Type 2 diabetes. Betr Health client's experience:

  • A1C reduced by 1.4% within 90 days

*“Betr Health is actually reversing diabetes for specific members….. seeing lifestyle interventions, often referred to as ‘wellness’ …actually reversing chronic illness.” * Paul Markovich, – President and CEO, Blue Shield California 

Improving Mental Health: 

Researchers believe that any change to the normal balance of bacteria in the digestive tract may cause the immune system to overreact.

Efforts to improve gut health may reduce symptoms of some mental health disorders, like anxiety. Betr client's experience:

  • 86% see improved mood


By healing and restoring the gut, The Betr Health Method produces multiple benefits including fast weight loss. It is also effective in the treatment and reversal of diabetes and in delivering improvements in mental health.

Bottom Line

The Betr Method is the world’s first gut health, food as medicine movement. By focusing on your unique gut, The Betr Method resolves the confusion and contradiction about what foods are considered “good” or “bad”. 

There is no one-size-fits-all diet and nutrition because everyone’s gut is as unique as their DNA. The Betr Method dials in on the best food combinations to heal and restore your microbiome. 

The Betr Method is great for people who:

  • Are unable to lose weight or quickly lose and gain back
  • Have tried everything else and believe their current health circumstances are due to genetics, age, bad luck, or lack of will-power
  • Have diabetes, are pre-diabetic, or have an underlying health condition

By restoring gut health and moving the body towards a state of ease, people on the program lose weight and see immediate improvements in energy, sleep, and mood.

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