Doc's Troubleshooting Tips

Doc's Troubleshooting Tips

10 ways to balance your body

There are many possible reasons you may not feel your best. Use the checklist below to determine the root cause of the problem so it can be resolved as soon as possible.

Many times you can improve your results with some minor adjustments! This list is the first place you should go if you are not feeling your best or are noticing a weight stall.

If you are still not feeling your best for more than 2 days while following the protocol, send a text to your coach.

1. Are you getting the sleep you need?

Prioritize your rest and healing. Sleep heavily impacts the chemicals in your body that monitor weight, immune system, and mood. 

2. Are you getting enough water?

Proper hydrating is vital to feeling good. If you are feeling thirsty or tired, water may be what you need. Aim for between 40 and 60 ounces a day.

3. How is your Daily Fiber intake?

Having fiber regularly is shown to promote weight loss and aid digestion. This type of fiber can be found in apples, citrus fruits, and vegetables. It is known to keep digestion regular and decrease glucose levels.

4. Where are your meals made?

Restaurants tend to put a lot of butter, oil, and salt in our meals without us realizing it. If you are having trouble with water retention or the scale is moving slowly you may want to eat more meals at home instead of out.

5. How is your meal variety?

Rotating the type of protein, fruits, and veggies you have daily makes your body use different enzymes to break down foods and promotes good gut health.

6. How is your digestion?

Having regular bowel movements can heavily affect your energy and weight loss. While mild constipation is normal in level 1, if you haven't had a bowel movement in 2 to 3 days you may want to increase your fiber and water intake.

7. Are you nourishing your body frequently?

It is important to eat often as you go through the day. Even if you are not hungry eating something small to keep your metabolism active and your blood sugar stable.

8. Are you having enough fuel for your activity level?

If you worked out or had a very active day, add in extra food like activity fuels to heal your muscles and replenish your body. These are located in the level 1 food list.

9. Be mindful of your monthly cycle

Women's hormones fluctuate throughout the month and can greatly impact weight and energy. Being mindful of where your body is in your monthly cycle can help you understand potential shifts in results.

10. What is your stress level like?

Stressful events can cause our bodies to flood our systems with cortisol, the stress hormone. This slows digestion and increases blood pressure. Lowering the amount of stress you experience on a daily basis can prove beneficial in the long run.


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