Level 1 Healing Foods!

Level 1 Healing Foods!

Level 1 Healing Foods

In the Level 1 Guide you learned about the benefits of the Betr Method. Now we will show you how you get those amazing results by eating clean using the recommended food list.

What is on the recommended food list?

The Level 1 Baseline foods list has a variety of fruits, veggies, and protein options. Think clean, whole foods! Dr. Ferro created this list based on what foods are least likely to cause sensitivities and highest in vitamins and minerals.

You might be wondering why your favorite vegetable didn't make the cut. While it may be healthy, there are other variables that may be keeping it off the list.

These fruits, vegetables, and proteins were hand picked because they are lower in natural sugars, and are less likely to irritate guts with IBS or diverticulitis.

Level 1 Baseline Foods


Why does it work?

We let the food do the work! Eating these clean, unprocessed foods gives your body time to heal and your gut bacteria the chance to flourish! The more diversity you have in your microbiome, the happier your gut will be.

People with happy and healthy gut bacteria tend to have less inflammation, better blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and better sleep.

Once you start feeding your gut bacteria the ingredients they want you will notice a drop in cravings! This helps prevent that all too familiar yo-yo pattern.

When building your meal plates, please be sure to follow the example with the green check mark: fill it up with 75% vegetables and 25% protein.

Betr Plate


BetrPlate (2).png


When can you expect to see results?

Many people start seeing the effects of a calm gut within 3 to 4 days. The scale will start to drop down, bloating with subside, and your energy will improve!

Remember that the level 1 recommended foods are only temporary and you will be able to start adding your favorite healthy foods back soon!


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