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12 Meals (36 Servings)

12 Meals (36 Servings)

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Customer Reviews

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Jeanie and Greg Eisele
Betr meals

Loved the bison burgers and Ginger magi—having prepared entrees is a lifesaver for working couples

Penny Godwin
BETR Health Meals Are Fantastic & Flavorful!

I admit, I was skeptical. How can a frozen meal taste as good as home cooked? Well, imagine my surprise when I started preparing my first shipment, and wow, I really could not believe how good and tasty everything was! Even the grilled chicken breasts were more juicy and flavorful than I could have made them myself! I am definitely going to order again when these meals are gone. I forgot to mention that my husband also was impressed by how good everything has been. They really do taste fresh. And it’s so nice to have something you can pop in the oven when you don’t feel like cooking, or just want a little help. I highly recommend these meals.

BETR Meals

From the choices I selected, they were excellent!

Della Flynn
Betr, almost perfect!

I ordered the meals to save me time with my lunch food prep and as a backup for those nights I just didn't want to cook. I really enjoyed the Mahi over greens for my lunch and the chili was excellent. The eggplant was delicious too! I felt the Chicken fajita, Sweet and spicy wings and Chicken curry could use some spicing up, but it was easy enough to adjust the spices to my taste. Meatballs were a little hard, but tasted fine. Overall, I feel the value was excellent and I will be ordering again!

E Thunderbird
Love it!

I'm so pleased with this service. Food is very tasty.