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12 Meals (36 Servings)

12 Meals (36 Servings)

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Roberta Hayek

We especially love the pulled pork. The leanest pulled pork you can get. The chicken fajitas and cacciatore are the best!

Sherrell Davis
Betr Meals

I absolutely love the Betr meal program! I didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner but I also had to share my meals with my family after they had a small sample lol

Tami W
First time purchase and meal prep

Outstanding and delicious! I purchased the 12 meals just to see if I liked the food. I laid out 9 glass food containers. I opened 3 proteins and 3 veggie meals and divided them into the containers. This gave me 2 meals for 3 days with 3 different proteins to promote healthy gut bio. I froze the additional 6 containers to prep in 3 days. I also loaded 3 32 oz. Mason jars with chickpea for protein, cucumbers, celery, chopped peppers, Bragg’s Dressing, tomato, power greens, walnuts.
I eat 2 meals a day, and a mason jar salad split throughout the day and I add additional leafy greens. I also juice 2 times per week and make organic fruit smoothies 2 times per week to keep in the fridge. Total prep time is about 1.5 hours twice a week.
P.S. this feeds my husband and I for a week! With Betr meals, juicing, smoothies, fruits, veggies my total cost is about $300- $350 per week. This is to feed 2 (could feed 3) people for a week, organic healthy meals.
I love this program and I’m loving the process and all I am learning everyday!!