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Betr Yoga

Betr Yoga

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What's Included:

✓ Unlimited Access to all Yoga Videos in app

✓ Access to pre-recorded Meditations

✓ Private Community

The Basics: Intro to Yoga Course (Beginner focused)

The Foundation: Intro to Yoga Course Part 2

✓ Educational Resources & Blog Articles

✓ Optional Automated Video Reminders

✓ Coach Accountability

✓ Access to Teacher Support and Messaging 

✓ Cancel Anytime 

After 30 days, you will be charged $9 per month. (Normally $89 per month, but Betr Members receive 90% discount)

(Cancel Anytime)

*You can cancel anytime before the end of the 30-day trial and you will not be charged

Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a page to select your Intro to Yoga Course Start Date. If you desire videos to be sent directly in your app chat, (recommended) please fill the form. If you prefer to self pace your videos, you do not need to do anything after purchase and can find the videos under Discover in the app.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I have wanted to try Yoga to improve my flexibility for some time, but I have been intimidated by the poses. The introductory videos break down the poses into manageable parts. Then, they are combined into a manageable yoga sequence. The instructor also discusses modifications and chair poses that were very helpful. This is a class that I can do at home, on my schedule.


I have really enjoyed these Yoga classes. I am new to this form of exercise, but I loved the introduction and easy to follow instructions and modifications. This is truly a wonderful add on to the Betr Program to help keep us motivated and accountable to taking better care of ourselves not only nutritionally, but physically, emotionally, and mentally! Thank you so much Diala!!


Hello this is Elsa. Yoga for me has been an integral part of my daily routine to stay in shape and follow a regular exercise routine. This class has given me flexibility, mobility and balance. It has helped with my sleep, breathing and relaxing at the end of the day. It also helps with my stretching and keeping my body moving as well as slowing down and being in the moment. I would like to continue this until I find another yoga class that is equivalent to this. I know that nobody can replace Diala... She is wonderful! I thank you so much for offering this. I only wish more people would take advantage of this great opportunity to better their lives. Thank you!!!

Barbara Lade

Diala is a great Yoga teacher. I’m 66 years old with a significant back injury last spring. I felt comfortable and confident in her classes—more flexible, better range of motion, stronger, less back pain. I’ve taken a yoga classes with other instructors over the years, but always dropped out. She’s very motivating. I love Diala’s voice, her positive support and the variations provided, her clear instructions. She projects a calm happiness, but is not WooWoo or preachy, if you know what I mean. 🙂

Lisa A.

At 55 years old, I had never tried yoga before. I thought this beginner friendly program offered by Betr would be a perfect opportunity to learn about yoga and give it a try. I liked that I could do the classes at home and at my own pace. I also really liked that the courses were short and focused on learning a different pose each day. I think I would have been overwhelmed if we tried to learn a whole bunch of different poses in a single session.

Diala did an incredible job putting the video classes together. She provided step-by-step instructions and explained everything very well.

I am very happy that I participated in the program. I plan to continue practicing yoga and build upon what I learned from Diala.

I am so happy I decided to take advantage of the program. After two weeks and two live sessions I feel so much better. Even though my right shoulder is not great and my hands hurt, the stretches and poses have actually diminished the pain. I love having more range of motion, flexibility, less shallow breathing. And I notice I am standing much straighter, less slouching.
I highly recommend taking the leap to start yoga.

Thank you so much Diala and the BETR program. And Dr. F.