Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Organic Conditioner Kit

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Aimee Linehan
Clean and Real

After one use I am in love with the shampoo and conditioner. I have medium/long, thick, straight hair that I have always hated to wash because the commercial and salon shampoos dry my hair out like straw and then the conditioners give it that artificial silky feel.
You don't get that with OM Botanical shampoo or conditioner. My hair and scalp feel clean, not dry, and my hair is super soft but still able to stay in a braid with no additional hair products, unlike with the commercial brands. So glad I bought them.

Linda Syman
Love the shampoo!

I love the smell of the peppermint and orchids. It’s just the right tingle on my scalp. It takes a bit getting used to because it doesn’t foam like other shampoos but I seem to have less scalp itching.

jeffrey edelheit
oth are fantastic

my hair feel heathy and full.

Terrific Hair Care Products

Detailed review here!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this shampoo and conditioner works. Or rather, I am actually VERY HAPPY with my hair after using OM Botanicals. It does take a little time to get used to it, so picky people need to use it a few times to fall in love with it, but you will! About my hair: I have mid-length thin, blonde hair about to the bottom of my shoulder blades - thin hair, but a lot of it. I generally wash my hair every day due to exercise sweat. Weekends, I go two days between washes.

SHAMPOO: It doesn't smell like anything really. Maybe just that natural smell - nothing overwhelming or perfumy. It does not lather and become sudsy so you have to figure out how much you need for your crown and hair because it is hard to tell. It feels like you didn't put any on your head. I've taken to making sure my crown is washed and just let the ends of my hair absorb whatever leftovers I run through with my fingers. The first few days I used it I would find oily areas in my part or above my ears/temple area where clearly I did not put the shampoo. It doesn't lateher so it's really hard to tell. So now I'm very cognizant of putting a few drops all over the crown. Once I figured out how much I need, my hair feels clean, looks clean and I think my hair looks fuller. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and you'll see what I mean. Once you figure out the amount you need, your hair will look and feel good!

The conditioner comes out almost like a clay mask. This is pretty much odorless. A little goes a long way. You can feel the smoothness and softness when you rinse it. The softness and bounce in my hair after it air-dries is AWESOME!

I'm totally proud of myself for using hair products that don't have any chemicals. Amazed, really. In the past, I always felt like my scalp wasn't clean when using natural products and the conditioners never worked. HOWEVER, your hair will be clean and soft after using the OM Botanicals. My hair and scalp smell clean, but not like shampoo. It's weird, and I can't describe it other than my hair smells clean and fresh.

Jo Lewandowski
Goodbye Dry!

I was amazed how soft and healthy my hair felt after using this product. The lack of lather bothered me at first until I dried my hair. My hair smells fantastic, feels so healthy, and is extremely manageable I am sold!