Bacterial Body Guard - Day 18

Bacterial Body Guard - Day 18

Bacterial Body Guard

Your immune system is your personal bodyguard!

Our immune system is like our own personal bouncer or bodyguard. It keeps the troublemakers far away and takes care of them if they get through the door.

There are many “soldiers” that make up our immune system.

As soon as we’re born, healthy bacteria from our environment (mostly our Mom, thanks, Mom!) start to colonize our gut.

Through this colonization, our immune system begins to learn good bacteria from bad bacteria.

It develops immune-fighting cells (or antibodies) and learns how to use these cells when it needs them.

This is literally called “Immune Training.” It’s why little kids are likely to catch every cough and cold germ that comes along; their immune system is still learning how to handle them.


Researchers have recognized the numerous relationships between a healthy gut and other parts of the body and given those relationships names.

Healthy gut microbiota plays an important role in the development and ongoing function of your immune system. When your gut microbiota is disrupted, it can result in a poor immune response from a lack of immune training and chronic inflammation.

Ongoing gut health supports health in other parts of the body. It can protect you from many diseases, autoimmune diseases, and opportunistic infections.

The Betr Health protocol is designed to support a healthy gut through high-fiber nutrition and prebiotic/probiotic supplementation.

If you have an autoimmune disorder or think that a gut-healthy diet might support your journey to improved overall health.

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