Healthier Gut and Healthier Labs - Day 21

Healthier Gut and Healthier Labs - Day 21

Healthier Gut and Healthier Labs

Your body contains almost 100,000 miles worth of capillaries, arteries, and veins. If you laid them all out, end to end, they could circle the earth four times!

Combined with your heart, these blood vessels are known as your cardiovascular system, and they are kind of like the plumbing in your house.

If the water pressure in your shower is too low, the water comes out in a trickle. If the water pressure is too high, your shower head will shoot off the wall like a rocket.

In addition to the countless medications for hypertension (seriously, there are hundreds), there are many lifestyle changes that can lower your blood pressure and decrease the risk of negative health consequences.

There’s also a team of trillions of helpers available to aid you in the fight against hypertension– your gut bacteria!


Short-Chain Fatty Acids: Sweet, Sweet Gut Honey

Our gut bacteria play a major role in maintaining our overall health. Our gut microbiota is an essential part of our immune system, contributes to healthy aging, keeps our skin healthy, fights against diabetes, regulates our mental health, and can even contribute to healthy weight loss!

How does our gut contribute to all of these areas of our health? One major factor is the ability to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which, in terms of healthy functioning, are like solid gold.

SCFAs have tons of benefits to our health. They contribute to a well-functioning immune system. They regulate the production of essential hormones, and they keep inflammation in check.

There are a few ways that SCFAs can contribute to a healthy blood pressure balance:
  • They keep Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) in check. This enzyme is known to be related to high blood pressure. It is the target of many pharmaceutical medications for the treatment of hypertension.
  • SCFAs have anti-inflammatory properties. They regulate the production of cytokines, which are substances that cause inflammation.
  • Salt sensitivity. There’s a theory that SCFAs can contribute to the production of receptors in our body that alter the way our body processes salt. Too much salt can lead to hypertension.


Gardening Your Gut: Tips Gut Health

A healthy garden is one with lots of different plants and flowers. This not only looks pretty, but it protects your garden from disease and keeps the bees happy!



Gut Garden.png



You need to tend your garden of gut bacteria the same way you would tend your flower bed.

High fiber from fruits and vegetables, healthy bacteria from fermented foods, and possibly extra supplementation with prebiotic and probiotic preparations are the nutritious soil for your gut garden.

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