Probiotics: Beneficial Bacteria - Day 12

Probiotics: Beneficial Bacteria - Day 12

Probiotics: Beneficial Bacteria

The beneficial bacteria in our digestive system, our gut microbiome, comprises 100 trillion individual cells from 5000 different bacterial species. 

There are TEN TIMES more bacterial cells in our gut than human cells in the rest of our body combined. 

Our microbiome plays a vital role in our digestion, immune system, and the production of essential vitamins. 

It also produces essential minerals, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Maintaining the Bacterial Balance

Because our gut bacteria are an integral part of bodily functioning, we must maintain a healthy balance of diverse, beneficial bacterial strains.

When our gut microbiome is in bad shape, it can lead to digestive disturbances, chronic stress and inflammation, and severe and chronic disease development.

That’s why physicians designed our Betr Health Probiotic Blend to replenish and rebalance your gut microbiome.


Betr Health’s Balancing Probiotic Blend

Betr Health’s unique 12-strain probiotic formula introduces healthy bacterial strains into your gut.

Research shows that the high-quality ingredients in our probiotic blend support a healthier community of beneficial bacteria and support digestive health, immune health, and more.


In addition to the probiotic strains, our blend contains inulin and apple pectin, known sources of prebiotic fiber to feed your microbiome and promote healthy bacterial growth in the gut.

Combining Betr Health's anti-inflammatory, gut-healing nutritional protocol and Probiotic Blend will maximize your benefits.

If you're looking for more resources to support gut health and heal your body from the inside out, our Probiotic Blend is a great option!

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