Start Healing - Day 1

Start Healing - Day 1

Start Healing

How Betr Health heals your body during Level 1

1. The WHOLE team is here for you!

  • We are available to help with and and all questions about your program, protocols, orders, or if you just need to chat. Feel free to ask questions right in your text chat. Or you can email us at
  • The Facebook Betr Community is there to share wins, tips, and recipes and get inspired (please don't ask questions in the community).
  • Your personal support coach will check in with you every morning through a text message. They will only check in once daily, Monday through Friday. They don't give medical or nutrition advice. Instead, they are there to supply lifestyle suggestions, help support healthy insights, and provide accountability.

2. Eating Means Nourishment

Betr isn't a diet, and you shouldn't approach eating like it is one. This food-as-medicine protocol is about feeding and nourishing your body with healing foods. Try to avoid skipping meals and don't get caught up in timing and schedules. It's more important to keep fueling the ten trillion cells in your body and the more than three hundred trillion natural bacteria of the microbiome.

3. Hydrating Helps Healing

Drinking 40 - 60 ounces of water daily (up to a maximum of 70 ounces) is key to releasing fats and toxins from your body. Keep an eye out for signs of over-hydration like weakness, muscle cramping, or spasms.


4. Healthy Insights

The more consistently you fill out your daily journal, the more patterns will emerge for you and your coach.

5. Gut Health Promoting

Raw vegetables are a nutritional powerhouse, and the naturally occurring enzymes in them help the body break down cooked foods! We aim to pair a raw veggie with each meal to get those benefits. 

To really give your gut a boost, consider adding in some gut-healing sauerkraut.

6. Should I take supplements?

This is one of the most popular questions asked by our members when embarking on this new lifestyle journey. Not all supplements are created equal and without properly nourishing your gut with Betr's Level 1 low-inflammatory foods.....taking supplements is like throwing "seeds on the desert."

Learn more about why and when to supplement.


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