The Gut Skin Axis - Day 14

The Gut Skin Axis - Day 14

 The Gut Skin Axis

Many Betr members see improvements in their skin health, and it's not surprising.

Your skin microbiota is like a microscopic, invisible suit of armor. 

The healthy bacteria on your skin support a robust immune response that fights harmful germs and assists in healing. 

If you don’t polish a suit of armor, though, it can get rusty and break down.


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When your gut is full of a diverse community of healthy bacteria, everything is working fine. 

The bad news is that when our gut bacteria is off-balance, other processes can be affected. 

Dysbiosis is what happens when your gut microbiota is reduced, out of balance, or generally unhealthy.

When dysbiosis occurs, your healthy gut microbes no longer produce beneficial metabolites. Instead, they begin to produce harmful metabolites that result in inflammation. 

Inflammation has several unhealthy effects. 

Inflammation causes even more harmful substances to travel between the gut and the skin, which results in redness, itching, and burning or long-term skin problems like acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Another problem with inflammation in the skin is that it interferes with building new, healthy skin cells. 

In a state of inflammation, your stressed skin will produce weaker cells that aren't as capable of fighting off harmful substances. 

What happens when toxic substances get into places where they shouldn’t? 

Inflammation and disease. 

Finally, there is evidence that the metabolites of healthy gut bacteria can directly battle unhealthy bacteria on the skin. 

Combined with their anti-inflammatory properties, these metabolites keep the skin cells healthy and provide a comfortable environment for maintaining a balanced community of helpful skin bacteria. 

The Betr Health program supports full-body health, starting with your gut. 

Part of that whole-body philosophy is offering the Betr Skin & Body, our all natural line of skincare products.



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If you’ve followed the Betr Health method to fix and repair your gut, maybe it’s time to ask yourself - are you doing the same for your skin?

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