Level 2: All You Need To Know

Level 2: All You Need To Know

Level 2: All You Need To Know

Now that the calming foods consumed in Level 1 have reset your metabolism, it is time to expand the variety of nutritious foods in your meal plan. You will add new whole, natural foods at your own pace. This will help lock in a new set point for metabolism and identify hidden food sensitivities that may not have been obvious before the start of the program.
The goal of Level 2 is to build upon the foundational Level 1 foods for greater nutritional diversity while helping you learn which foods work best for you and which work against you.
You will learn to identify potential food sensitivities and those that might trigger weight gain.

These sensitivities include:

  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Rash
  • Fatigue


We encourage you to make a reintroduction plan with the foods from the “Level 2 Food Reintroduction Recommendations” list, which can be found in the Resources section on the Discover Tab.

These are the most commonly added in foods but you are welcome to pick any unprocessed, whole food; this is just a guide.



Once you have chosen your Level 2 add-ins, record them in the calendar below. Remember this is your own health journey, so Level 2 won't look the same for everyone.

Our recommended order of reintroductions are:

  • Week 1: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Week 2: Proteins/Healthy Fats
  • Week 3: Grains/Breads/Legumes
  • Week 4: Dairy

This order starts with foods that are easier to digest and moves toward foods that are harder to digest.

Reintroduce new food every other day and have the day in between Level 1 foods and the new Level 2 foods that work for you. This will help identify any adverse reactions or intolerances to specific foods and ensure that you do not overwhelm your digestive system with too many new foods at once.


Level 2 Create Your Own Calendar.png

You can find and print out this resource and other Level 2 materials in the Member Content area.


If you haven’t been exercising during Level 1, adding physical activity now will be beneficial and effective.

You can start slowly with short walks, and once you feel comfortable with that you can try other types of activities and increase the duration to 30-45 minutes and the frequency to 4-5 times a week.

Do a combination of cardio, interval training, and stretching as it helps build strength and endurance. Or find activities that get your body moving without thinking of it as a “workout” such as dancing, swimming, or playing basketball with your family!

If you increase your activity, nourish your body with activity fuels on the Level 1 food list.

Your body is now ready for the challenge!

Betr Support

Your health coach will coach you through Level 1 and the first week of Level 2. However, after that, there are still plenty of resources to continue to support your journey through Level 2 and beyond!

If you have any questions, submit them via a text message or email us at ask@betrhealth.com.

If you need further support, you can sign up for Head Coach Office hours or a 15-minute phone call with a head coach where you can discuss your progress and your questions in more detail.  

Listening To Your Body

If one of the new foods causes any sensitivity symptoms or results in weight gain, hold off on adding any new foods until the symptoms are no longer present.

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