Work Out Betr, Not Harder

Work Out Betr, Not Harder

Work Out Betr, Not Harder

Research supports the health benefits of regular, moderately-intense exercise.

At Betr, we think the answer isn’t as black and white.

The Betr program is based on evidence that inflammation is the root of our health challenges. We believe we need to heal chronic inflammation before expecting our body to manage more stress that can be caused by exercise. There is plenty of evidence linking exercise, inflammation, and gut health, therefore, “more is better” isn’t always the best approach.


Exercise-Induced Inflammation: Good & Bad News

When you exercise, your body is put under stress. While you’re doing it, exercise raises your heart rate and blood pressure and it causes microscopic damage to your ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Your body responds to this “injury” by sending out substances to heal this minor damage, moderate your stress, and return your heart rate and blood pressure to normal. Most times, with appropriate nutrition and recovery, this ends up being a good thing! Ideally, this repair makes the body stronger and healthier.

That’s when things are working the way they’re supposed to.

If your body is already under significant stress and inflammation, layering on more stress and inflammation (like from intense exercise) may end up weakening your body. Think about it, when your gut is inflamed, your body is already struggling to overcome this chronic inflammation, and by exercising, you could be feeding more fuel to the fire!

This is why Betr recommends avoiding high-intensity exercise during Level 1.

Once you’ve reduced (or even eliminated) chronic inflammation, your body will be able to respond effectively to a healthy workout.

You’ll see even greater benefits than before! 

Key Point:

When your body is already experiencing chronic stress and inflammation, it can interfere with the healthy inflammation and healing caused by exercise.

Keeping Your Gut In "Fighting Shape"

Here's some exciting news! Once you heal your microbiome, you can start a whole new healthy cycle. A cycle of exercise and gut health!

Just as a healthy gut supports better workouts, exercise encourages positive, healthy changes in your microbiome. In fact, researchers have found that subjects who exercised regularly had more healthy bacterial species that produced anti-inflammatory substances in the gut. 

Key Point:

Just as a healthy gut supports better workouts, exercise encourages positive, healthy changes in your microbiome.

Work Out Betr, Not Harder


Don’t get us wrong- BETR LOVES exercise! We just want you to work smarter, not harder!

We base our recommendation on starting with low-intensity exercise on the understanding of what it takes to reduce inflammation and heal your body.

Trying to work out when your gut is out of whack is like swimming upstream! Doing this can add stress and inflammation to your system that could interfere with the gut-healing Level 1 process.

As a reminder, the level 1 protocol is designed to reset your body and allow it to rebuild with healthy, nutritious foods. Then, once your microbiome is flourishing, you can start to incorporate higher-intensity workouts and meet your training goals. This healing will empower you to nourish your body with whatever kind of exercise you want!

Finding enjoyable activities like walking, playing basketball, and even taking a dance class are all great ways to incorporate exercise!

Healing your gut is the key to a Betr workout!


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