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Betr Hat

Betr Hat

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Your hat collection just got BETR!

This hat is SUPER SOFT  & COMFORTABLE and has:

  • A beautiful patch embroidered with the Betr Logo
  • Cool and comfy mesh detail 
  • Adjustable snapback sizing

Perfect for all occasions - this is sure to become your new favorite hat!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Sherry Webster
    Love it!

    Got my hat and it fits super comfortable.
    I like bling so I added rhinestones to the words🙈

    Love that idea! Everything's betr with a little bling ✨

    Great Quality

    The hat is great quality. I just really wanted to support the program that is changing my life and if anyone asks about my hat I can tell them all about it which I do anyway!


    It was months late not due to the shipping company it was due to supply and demand? At Betr health!??

    Lori R
    I love my hat--been wearing it non-stop!!

    I received my super cute Betr hat--silly enough, never realized how differently a woman's hat would fit--so much better. I have been wearing it EVERYWHERE and for everything!!! It is especially great out in the hot Florida sun when working in my garden or yard...or at the farmer's market on Saturday mornings! Absolutely perfect!!! And I really love it when someone asks: what is Betr? and I get to tell them!

    Caroline Fulghum

    I received my Betr hat recently and have really enjoyed it. Hats can be hot during the warmer months, however, this jewel has plenty of "breathing" room. Love it!