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Dear Member,

Let's start with the "why" behind the Betr movement.

It was created out of my many failures and blunt stubbornness to give up. I tried all the punishing techniques with thousands of my patients including... calorie counting, hard workouts, shakes, food and allergies testing, HCG, body typing, and the list goes on and on....

Here is the bottom line- your body and mind are amazing.

Although we don't always love the shape of our body or our thoughts I want you to remember that these are only temporary states. Your body and mind are capable of repairing cells, tissues, and organs. Your body is able to react and adapt to the environment and handle many levels of stress sometimes for years or decades. In this world of stress and toxicity, it's easy to be lured into a state of fear and doubt about your ability to heal, recover, and thrive.

This leads so many to think it's their fault or they yearn for a unique diagnosis that can explain why they are struggling with their health... DON'T BUY IT.

You are whole and your body and mind only have barriers to their full expression. If you BUY IN to fear and doubt you will be preyed on to buy so many unnecessary gimmicks, products, programs, medications etc.

The truth is.... you need LESS not MORE.

Less exposure to toxicity will allow your body and especially your microbiome to thrive... which in turn will allow you to crave healthier living foods where you can get what you need nutritionally to live in your dream mind and body.

After all my failed patients started leaning more into the role in all of their organs that regulate mood, blood pressure, hunger, cravings, blood sugar, weight etc... That led learning about the role of digestive enzymes and gut health referred to by scientists as our microbiome...

Early on I was just focused on the food part of the protocol and then educating people on the importance of gut health and removing toxic products...

Unfortunately, that led them to buy all sorts of unnecessary products and 99% of patients would show me they were all natural and good for them but they were not... My patients were spending a fortune on these foods, supplements and skin care products that were actually making things worse...

Under mounting pressure and patients who were feeling defeated I decided to source our products and distill them down to what we all actually need...

Our skin and scalp need shampoo, conditioner, a moisturizer, and an antioxidant formula. Our body, mind, and gut need access to clean delicious food and as extra insurance, due to soil depletion, vitamin/mineral complex, greens, enzymes, and probiotics.

THAT'S IT.... Right now America is deficient and just taking supplements without the ability to absorb them is like throwing seeds in a desert...

That's why aside from so many processed foods being enriched with vitamins the stats are.... 90% deficient in Potassium, 90% deficient in Vitamin E, 70% deficient in Calcium, 50% deficient in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Magnesium, and 40% Vitamin D.

Therefore, despite the headache and hassle, I created the Betr Marketplace....

Why was it such a hassle? Because I not only had to get the best of the best.... I had to make sure they were free of chemicals... Next I had to make it that everyone, even fixed income patients could afford them....

And GUESS WHAT? We not only made it affordable but because the products are streamlined and your body is internally healthy from the food protocol you need less of the products.... When it comes to the food we made it less expensive than cooking it yourself...

Therefore, order our Betr Meals.... The money you save can be used towards the Daily Essentials and the cost becomes neutral... This was a happy accident... Just like the Betr movement...

I'm thrilled you are part of our movement and strongly recommend for at least the first 30 days you go all in with the program to help you heal faster from the inside out and get back to being you.

Dr. William Ferro D.C.

Founder & CEO

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