Level 2 Group Call

On this call, you will...

  • Learn about food sensitivities and reintroductions.
  • Review how to make your own level 2 plan.
  • Review Betr's troubleshooting tips.
  • Fine-tune the Betr protocol to help achieve your goals.
  • Be able to ask a Head Coach questions!

What now?

  • Write a list of what foods you want to add back!
  • Weave your favorite form of exercise into your week
  • Keep logging your health data! Logs are the best way to track how your body reacts to the new add-ins
  • Continue to log your health data, this will help you figure out if the changes are helping
  • Listen to your body!

Watch the recording below:  


Register for the live call
Please be sure to schedule with the same email and phone number on your Betr account.

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