No Time to Meal Prep or Cook?

No Time to Meal Prep or Cook?

We Got You

We get it - meal prepping and cooking take TIME… That’s why meal delivery services have become so popular for so many. But it’s no secret that we all have different needs when it comes to meal delivery services. Whether you’re a busy professional looking for healthy, pre-made meals or someone who just wants an easier way to feed your whole family with fresh ingredients delivered right to your door, there is something out there for everyone. Let’s dive into what you should look for in a great meal delivery service.


While it’s important to ensure that you’re getting quality ingredients in your meals, it's equally important to make sure that the price of meal delivery services fits into your budget - we want to lessen stress not add to it! Fortunately, there are plenty of budget-conscious options out there! Try to break things down into what best suits your lifestyle and goals. Staying on track with the Betr protocol requires you to keep two things top of mind:

  • Fresh, Safe, and Healthy Ingredients
  • Convenience and Ease

Fresh, Safe, Healthy Ingredients

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the ingredients in your meals come from sources that are fresh and safe. Look for companies that offer wild-caught seafood, poultry raised without antibiotics or hormones, grass-fed beef, and no added sugars. Make sure that you are getting the freshest food possible by checking where and how they were grown & sourced. Look for companies that offer the following:

Wild Caught Seafood Wild-caught seafood is generally considered to be more sustainable than farmed seafood. It also has a higher nutritional value than farmed seafood and is less likely to contain contaminants such as antibiotics or other chemicals used in fish farms. Look for companies that source their seafood from reputable fisheries and fishing boats certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Antibiotic/Hormone Free Poultry When shopping for poultry, look for companies that raise their poultry without antibiotics or hormones. These types of birds are generally healthier than those raised with antibiotics and hormones because they lack the potentially harmful chemicals found in conventionally raised birds. Additionally, antibiotic-free poultry usually have fewer calories and fats than their conventional counterparts.

Grass-fed Beef Grass-fed beef is typically higher in omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally raised beef due to its diet consisting mostly of grasses instead of grains. It also contains more vitamins A and E than grain-fed beef does. Additionally, grass-fed cattle require fewer resources like water and land compared to their grain-fed counterparts, making them more sustainable choices for meat production.

No Added Sugars Many meal delivery services use added sugars in their recipes as an easy way to add flavor without having to use more expensive ingredients like herbs and spices. However, added sugars can lead to an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, tooth decay, etc., so it’s important to choose a meal delivery service that avoids using added sugars whenever possible.

Farm-to-Table Finally, if you’re looking for freshness and nutrition in your meals then look no further than farm-to-table services! These services source their ingredients directly from local farmers who practice sustainable agricultural methods so you know your meals are fresh and full of nutrients! Plus they often come with seasonal produce so you’ll see more variety in options throughout the seasons.

Convenience & True Ease

As we mentioned above, convenience is an important factor when picking a meal delivery service. Many meal delivery services are ready to cook rather than ready to heat. If you don’t like cooking or simply don’t have time to do it on a regular basis, opt for a meal delivery service that offers oven or microwave-ready meals. This way, all of the hard work has been done for you and you won’t get thrown off your plan to be healthier! All you have to do is heat up your meal and enjoy.

Also, make sure that any meal delivery service you choose requires no cooking on your part! The point of these services is to save time and make life easier—not harder! A great meal delivery service will provide pre-made meals with simple instructions that require minimal effort from you. This will allow you to use the meals both on-demand when you’re not able to or want to cook as well as meal prep options.

No Member Left Hungry

Many meal trays that are pre-cooked with safe and healthy ingredients that lack one thing… realistic portions. We want you to eat until satisfied - not overly full or still starving. A tempting meal isn't a tiny cut of protein paired with cheap, unappetizing sides like rice and sad pieces of broccoli that look like they’ve been dead for a few years. Look for meals worth savoring that don’t leave you wanting more with nothing left.

Making a Final Decision

Finding the right meal delivery service can be intimidating but if you know what to look for, it doesn’t have to be! Make sure that whatever company you choose uses fresh ingredients with no chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives; offers oven/microwave-ready meals; and requires no cooking from you whatsoever. With those criteria in mind, finding the perfect meal delivery service should be easy if you just take the time to do some research.

Don’t want to do research? We get it! Betr Meal Delivery delivers on all of this criteria and offers meals that are Level 1 and Level 2 approved and offer ample portions allowing for multiple servings AND leftovers!

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Happy eating!



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