Mindful Meal Prep - Day 6

Mindful Meal Prep - Day 6

Mindful Meal Prep

Betr members from every walk of life have figured out how to eat well, feel better and meet their long-term goals. How do they do it? 

Rather than thinking of meal prep as an obligation, think of it as you time.

Time in the kitchen can be used to focus your energies, appreciate the fuel you're preparing for your body, or just some free time to recharge.

Here's just a few tips on some ways to turn meal prep into meditation!

Feed Your Ears

Get yourself a nice set of headphones and PLUG IN! What better time to catch up on new music or listen to old favorites?

Why not binge a new podcast?

Looking for an "on-brand" podcast to fit your Betr lifestyle? Try The Betr Podcast, where Dr. Ferro interviews diverse guests about navigating our issues surrounding health and healing!


Quality Time, Quality Ingredients

In today's busy world, it can feel increasingly difficult to connect with our loved ones. 

How often are we all in the same room, but on separate screens?

Cooking with a friend, spouse, or kid is a great way to work some family time into your day. 

Side perk: cooking with a family member can get them more comfortable with the Betr way, and get the whole family in on it!

Focus on the Food

When you're meal prepping, try to focus on the amazing, fresh ingredients that you're using! 

Visualize the foods growing in nature, under bright sunshine, free of chemicals and additives.

Think about how those foods feed your microbiome and fuel your body.

Maybe try a body scan to review how great different body parts feel on Betr.

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Own Your "YOU TIME"

We can't say enough, this is YOUR TIME! Do whatever you want with it! 

Whatever makes meal prepping enjoyable and nourishing is what you should do. And, ultimately, if you just don't like it- that's ok! There are tons of options to keep meal prep to a minimum.

Our easiest meal prep recommendation is to combine our the Betr Meal Delivery service with pre-cut fruits and veggies from the grocery store. Master your meal prep with ease here.

That way you can spend your time however you want!


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