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The recipe has been adjusted since the above comments. However the seasoning in the meatballs are still much too strong. I suggest looking up another recipe to reference the seasoning amounts to use.


These instructions appear to have been written by AI… they make zero sense compared to the list of ingredients. For example, 6 T of Italian seasoning for 1.5 c of broth?? 10 meatballs from 2 pounds of meat?? It takes much longer than 15 min to “simmer” such huge meatballs. This was a total fail.


What is 4/5 cup supposed to be? Is this 4-5 cups? The recipe states use 1 1/2 cups and then use the balance later? I see you use this again as 4/5 tsp of thyme, again is this a typo and it is supposed to be 1/4? Thank you

Patricia Pliskin

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