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Movement 30 Day Trial

Betr utilizes a state-of-the-art program that displays key points over your body that will guide you through each exercise while analyzing your movements to ensure that you are moving safely and effectively.

Motion Tracking for Corrective Guidence

- Accurately identifies and analyzes your exact movements with 44 body motion data points

-Provides immediate guidance & feedback to correct and improve performance

-Requires no special hardware, sensors or devices

From Fitness to Physical Therapy

-Real-time feedback, qualitative scoring and corrective guidance

-Leverages highly accurate user performance data to increase accountability, analyze usage and personalize the experience

-Interactive sessions increase adherence, improve effectiveness & accelerate recovery

How It Works

1. Set up: Allow 5 minutes to set up your space prior to starting your workout. You will want to situate yourself so that your full body is in the frame of your phone or computer. The program will let you know when you are ready to begin.

2. Start:  Choose from a variety of classes and get moving. The fitness tool will provide with instructional feedback during each session.

3. Rest and repeat: You can work out anywhere, with no need to schedule an appointment or set up special equipment. Choose your daily workout and complete as many times as you want - whether you want more movement or if you're looking to improve your performance score.

Start a healthy habit of Betr movement today.

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Officially Addicted !!

Tips…to use with phone 📱 place on floor leaning up against wall. For laptop 💻 place on chair waist knee height or on floor. iPads and tablets only work on website and you can get there by going to BetrHealth.Com…you can also stream to your 📺…