What time will my meals be delivered?

Delivery times will vary, but all meals will be delivered at the latest, Sunday morning. You will be notified when your order is out for delivery so be sure to keep that tracking link on hand!

What if there's an issue with my order?

We know things can happen out of our control during the shipping process but we want to ensure a positive experience! If you have any issues with your meal delivery order please let us know here https://forms.gle/dmBP1WKfbmu1qdHA6

How long does it take to receive my meals?

Because our meals are delivered fresh and not frozen, the timing of the deliveries is based on weekly deadlines. All orders must be submitted by Sunday at 11:59pm EST in order for the kitchen to start grocery shopping and cooking and ship to be delivered by that upcoming Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Will they be delivered fresh or frozen?

All Betr meals are delivered fresh and fully prepared 🙂

How do I store my meals?

You are welcome to enjoy the Betr meals stored in your refrigerator up to the date stamped. The extended shelf life is due to the food being packaged in a modified atmosphere system. If you find that you will not partake of all the meals during that time, it is best to store any extra in the freezer to ensure food safety.

How many servings are in each tray?

Each meal should equate to 4 adult-sized portions. You should also prepare a side item, like a salad, to go with each meal. It is important to note that the nutrition facts on the meal delivery tray labels are for the entire tray, not per serving.

Do I still need to grocery shop?

We recommend grabbing fresh produce to accompany your meal delivery trays. Grocery shopping for fresh fruit for your snacks, and raw vegetables for salads will complete your plan for the week!